About Us

Wayne and Rena Ogle
Founding Couple
Wayne Dale and James David Ogle
Sons and First Employees
Wayne Ogle
Used Cars 1st, Motel 2nd
Wayne Ogle
The mountains are calling
Wayne Ogle
The Early Days of
Mountain Breeze
Rena Ogle
Owner, Housekeeper and
Desk Clerk

The beginning of family traditions...

Mountain Breeze Motel was purchased in 1964 by Wayne and Rena Ogle. The Ogle’s had previously owned and ran Wayne’s Motel, which is now known as the Vacation Lodge. When the Ogles purchased the then named Red’s Motel, it consisted of 12 rooms. They changed the name to Mountain Breeze Motel, and added 10 more units. A few years later they expanded further to make 31 units.

In 1972 the second generation took over, sons James David & Sue Jane Ogle and Wayne Dale & Mary Ruth Ogle. Under the sons and their wives the motel grew. They added on 12 more rooms during the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. In 1986 growing pains hit again, with the original 12 rooms being torn down and rebuilt into 20 units with 2 suites. Then in 1994 they remodeled yet again added 40 more rooms. With this remodel the motel more doubled in size to 71 rooms.

Following the death of his brother Wayne Dale, James David and wife Sue Jane purchased his and Mary Ruth’s half of the motel in 1998. They continued to operate the motel along with their daughters Rena Sue (Suzy) and Jama until James David’s death in 2005. At that time the 3rd generation took over, Sue Jane retired and Jama and Suzy have been operating it since.

While the newest generation has not added on, they have remodeled the existing rooms and added many amenities to the property. Their employees have been very much a part of the family and the success of the motel. Mrs. Betty Etherton has been with the motel for 29 years. Several others like Susan Henry, Diana Campbell, Kay Seibers, Karen Davis, Nancy Sutton, Dick Yake have been here 10+ years. All of these wonderful folks along with the newer employees, Kristi, Jordan, Harley, Johnnie, Michelle, Darlene, Vicky, Barb, Sue, Kevin and Doris are an integrate part of the continuing success of the Mountain Breeze Motel. We are much more than just co-workers; we are all family. As such, we would love to welcome you, our guests, to our family.

Mountain Breeze Motel – Present
71 Rooms
Jama Franklin and Suzy Campbell
Current Owners – Raising them right!
James David and Rena Ogle
2 Generations of Owners
Mountain Breeze Motel
Circa 1967 – 24 Rooms
Mountain Breeze Motel
Circa 1974 – 36 Rooms
Mountain Breeze Motel
Circa 1982 – 48 Rooms
Mountain Breeze Motel
Advertising Pamplet
Circa 1982